ARIZONA 2010 – Natural World Photography


Horned Owl at White Water Draw

Pygmy Nuthatch

Burrowing Owl at the Salton Sea

Clarks Grebe

Rosy Lovebird

an escaped population now naturalised
Brown Pelican

Salton Sea


American Coot

Boreal Chickadee

Ladderback Woodpecker

Bewicks Wren

Cactus Wren at Brawley

Marsh Wren

Mexican Mallard

American Wigeon

Cinnamon Teal

Redhead pair

Ring-necked Duck at dusk

Ring-necked Duck at dusk

Snow Geese

Ross Geese coming in to land

Mixed flock of Snow and Ross Geese

Coopers Hawk

Northern Harrier

Osprey with fish

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